This page provides answers to general questions about Piecework Glass. (For more detailed information about making a purchase, see the Policies page.)

Have a question, but don't see the answer? Use the Contact Me page to inquire, and I'll be happy to respond!

How much do stained glass items cost?

Inventory items are priced in Canadian dollars (CA$), which are 20-25% cheaper than US dollars. All items are tax-free, as my business volume is small enough to be exempt from collecting GST and provincial sales taxes!

The price of a custom item depends on its size, complexity, and any speciality materials used. It can range from as little as CA$25.00 to many hundreds of dollars. I can provide you with an estimate once I have a good idea of what it is that you want.

How long does it take to build a custom stained glass item?

Building a custom stained glass item is a 3 step process.

  1. Creating a design: If you want an item that is similar to one I've already done, drawing up the design won't take very long. If you want something totally new, the time required depends on how detailed your specifications are, and how complex the item is. If you know exactly what you want the item to look like it takes less time to complete the design than if you have only a vague idea and need me to design it for you.

  2. Obtaining materials: This won't take long unless your design requires specific materials that I don't have on hand, and aren't stocked at a local stained glass supplies store. If that happens you may be faced with a choice of waiting for the material to arrive or substituting another material.

  3. Construction. Simple items can be built in a few days, while more complex ones often require one or two weeks. The duration largely depends on the number of individual pieces of glass required (i.e the more pieces, the longer it will take) and the shape of the pieces (i.e. an intricate curve takes more time than a straight cut).

What types of services do you offer? What types don't you offer?

I can design and build small to medium-size custom stained glass items made using the copper foil technique. If requested, I can also provide advice on how to install an item, but I do not offer installation services. 

I am not currently equipped to undertake fused glass or antique stained glass projects, or to handle large stained glass windows.

How do I order a stained glass item? What if I have more questions?

The Contact Me page outlines the various ways I can be reached.

If you are interested in a custom item, feel free to include (or attach) whatever specifications you may already have, such as the design you'd like to use and the item's desired size.